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1,329,000+ sf now being certified under Charleston RISES!

RISES Registered Project (now under construction): Morrison Yard, 850 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC

RISES Registered Project (now under construction): Morrison Yard, 850 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC

RISES Registered Project (now under construction): Atlantic on Romney, 55 Romney Street, Charleston, SC

RISES Registered Project (now under construction): Atlantic on Romney, 55 Romney Street, Charleston, SC

RISES Registered Project: Charleston County EMS Station 8, 2763 Highway 174, Edisto Island, SC

Charleston RISES™ certification has been developed by the building performance experts at The Sustainability Institute in partnership with Green Badger and many of the top green building design experts in our region.

Credit Playbook: Commercial Construction

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Credit Playbook: Multifamily Housing

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Enter a New Generation of Better Buildings

RISES certification promotes new construction projects that are at least 30% more energy and water efficient than projects that are simply code compliant, and projects that are constructed using materials and products that do not adversely affect the health and well-being of building occupants.

The RISES tag is an acronym for the building ingredients that industry-leading and responsible projects focus on and adhere to: Resilient; Innovative; Sustainable; Efficient; and Safe.

Charleston RISES is the regionally appropriate certification choice, designed to address the specific green building needs, priorities and strategies of the South Carolina region.

The benefits of our innovative and streamlined certification process are simple:



Expert Advice

Measurable Results

Affordable Results


Charleston RISES - A Certification Process You Want

We think we know what you want from a certification, which for us, starts with an understanding of what you don’t want.

You don’t want to end up with a certified, “kind of efficient” building, or a building with a label that claims to be “green,” but really means “kind of green, depending on how you measure green.”  You don’t want (or need) 12 more cooks in the kitchen, endless amounts of red tape, or tons of additional cost.  You also don’t want costly construction delays.  A recent survey of … well… everyone we know says that construction delays and mid-course design changes are the worst.

What you do want is a certified, HIGH-PERFORMING building.  Who doesn’t want long-term energy and water savings, higher quality construction and more efficient systems that last longer, healthier and more productive workplaces that are worth more, and a smaller environmental footprint?  Workers and tenants do, visitors to your building do, so of course, owners do too.  But can you get the latter, without the former?

We think YOU CAN.  Enter Charleston RISES.

Here’s How We Get You There

A flexible certification program that fits all building types and has clear performance thresholds, but only one level of certification – you either achieve certification or you don’t.

A local and on-the-ground team of experts to advise you from the beginning, provide quick project review, and be at your side during key stages of construction.

A free, easy-to-use online platform and mobile app that organizes credits, performs calculations, manages documentation, and generates reports.

Why Green Badger?
(hint: badgers are smart, resourceful and efficient!)

Construction documentation, paper files, TPS reports, and information overload have you questioning whether it’s all worth it?  We know how precious your time is, and our partner Green Badger has the solution for you.  Green Badger’s cross-platform, cloud-based Documentation Software is simple and convenient, provides instantaneous calculations and product verification, organizes your information, exports reports, and allows real-time collaboration with your team – all on a computer, tablet or smartphone on-the-go.  Sound smart and time-saving? It is.

Check out all of the latest on Green Badger by clicking the badger or going here.

The RISES Certification Process

Step 1: Registration

Development team registers the project with SI, letting us know their intent to pursue certification.

Step 2: Design Review

Project team meets in-person with SI to review design and construction strategies to meet RISES credits.

Step 3: Construction Start

Construction begins. GC reports progress throughout construction using Green Badger tracking software.

Step 4: Air Sealing/Insulation Inspection

SI performs onsite inspection to verify air sealing measures and Grade II or better insulation installation.

Step 5: Construction Inspection

SI performs additional site visit to monitor progress and green construction practices.

Step 6: Commissioning

Independent commissioning agent commissions building systems

Step 7: Final Inspection

SI performs final verification inspection to verify all sustainable elements are in place and all issues identified in the commissioning report are addressed.

Step 8: Certification

Upon field verification and Green Badger review, SI issues RISES certification to project team!


RISES has developed a simple and affordable pricing structure that doesn’t change over time.  Our hours are not spent on endless amounts of paperwork or bureaucratic review. They are mostly spent in upfront design meetings and out on your jobsite, providing the quality assurance inspections that help you know that you are getting what you paid for.

Contact our office at 843.529.3421 or email for an estimate of fees.