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The ECC directs its efforts toward improving the energy efficiency of low to moderate income households in the cities of Charleston and North Charleston, SC with utility bills that constitute a significant portion of monthly income. This is accomplished through an application process with income requirements and comparison of income to utility expense to identify ratios that are deemed excessive.

The weatherization process for retrofitting selected homes consists of several stages that ensure resources are applied in a prioritized manner to have the greatest overall impact on reducing energy bills. As a first step after a home is selected, a certified Home Energy Rater performs an energy audit to determine where a building is leaking and what practices and investments will best achieve maximum effect in sealing the building’s envelope. Each building receives a score based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). The score is then interpreted by a certified professional and serves as a guide to direct ECC members in their weatherization priorities, allowing the team to develop a scope of work.


Before weatherization can begin on a home, an assessment and approval process must be performed.