The Sustainability InstituteThe Sustainability Institute

by Katherine Richards


Energy Conservation Corps

Not all love is love at first sight. This was the case for Taquim when he first joined the Energy Conservation Corps – not entirely convinced by the idea but willing to try something new.

Before his local pastor recommended the Sustainability Institute, you could find Taquim either lifeguarding at a local pool or playing soccer with his friends. Content with life Taquim was apprehensive about joining the Energy Conservation Corps but agreed to give it a go. Since then, he has been surprised by the skills he’s learned such as insulation, and the amount he would feel impacted by them. Taquim has not only been able to help out his friends and family by doing things such as insulting his parents house, he has developed a work ethic, skills he’ll have for the rest of his life, and that powerful feeling of knowing you’re making a difference. From the people that he’s met and the things that he’s learned from them, one of his favorite parts of going to work everyday has been to be with the crew. So much so that he is strongly considering returning for a second term. Taquim defines sustainability as a level that be sustained once you reach it. Although he may not not be saving lives anymore, he is making lives better, stronger, and more sustainable – so they won’t need saving anymore.

About krichards
Katherine Westmoreland Richards holds a dual-degree for International Business and Management and published an acclaimed research thesis on energy in the Netherlands. Katherine's passion for energy continued as she worked in Ecuador to help create sustainable business solutions for a reserve in the rainforest. Katherine now works on development at The Sustainability Institute and uses her experience and passion to continue to develop a sustainable Charleston.