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By Katherine Richards


930 NoMo, a new apartment community catering to College of Charleston Students hosted the largest Upper Peninsula Initiative gathering yet, with over 150 in attendance. The topic of the evening was was technology.

The pristine, blue pool and live band in the background made for a welcoming atmosphere.

Refreshments were provided by Revelry,  Allagashand Drinkz margarites, a new happy hour spot.

As the peninsula continues to grow into a tech corridor for Charleston, many great companies are
moving to the area, such as
Blue Acorn, CrowdReach and DIGSOUTH.

Timm Henderlight, Trey Rust and Stanfield Gray spoke at the gathering, telling the 150 residents in attendance what their business offer to the peninsula.

Henderlight is the Strategic Engagement

Manager at Blue Acorn, an award-winning locally based master of e-Commerce. With clients like Rebecca Minkof, tick
, and speck, The Sustainability Institute is proud to call them a neighborhood partner.

Blue Acorn CEO, Kevin Eichelberger said the upper peninsula was the best location fir his business to grow, and for their employees to enjoy a bite to eat, and also, simply enjoy the atmosphere. CrowdReach representative Trey Rust introduced their services to the lowcountry last night. The tech organization is relocating to the peninsula, to the new Pacific Box & Crate location, and is bringing a revolutionary way for businesses to manage their communications.

Stanfield Gray is the CEO and publisher of DIG SOUTH, a southern tech-based blog. DIG SOUTH dominates the east co
ast and saturates the regions with all of the relevant tech-happenings and updates.

At the gathering, guests completed a brief survey. By participating, UPI gains a better understanding of where the tech community currently lives and works, and how they get there.

The results are as follows:

This event was sponsored by local tech company, Teamphoria. Teamphoria provides employee engagement software, used by local businesses and nonprofits  to amplify their team’s energy and company revenue.


The Upper Peninsula Initiative is a public-private planning effort managed by the City of Charleston and the backbone organization, The Sustainability Institute.

For more information, please visit or email

Photos by Stan Foxworthy Foxworthy Studios.

*UPI is a community centered, neighborhood oriented program created with the needs of the areas it serves in mind. The results of any survey conducted do not use empirical methods of data collection, and are not necessarily reflective of the community at large.

By SustainabilityECC


By reducing these expenses, more expendable income is available for other necessities. For instance, a household with monthly utility expenses of $300 can save around $1080 a year in utility expenses by achieving a 30% reduction in energy costs. It is not uncommon for these weatherizations results in a 20-30% energy savings monthly.

By SustainabilityECC


The overall goal of weatherizing a home is to reduce the necessary energy used to heat or cool a home. Residents pay less in utility expenses. This impact can be even greater in low and moderate income households where utilities can constitute as much as 30% or more of monthly income. After the work is performed, another HERS test is performed to ensure efforts have been successful and have achieved a satisfactory result.

By SustainabilityECC


Because funding is limited, it is important that resources are applied in a manner that will achieve maximum return on investment. Work is then performed by ECC members, often consisting of the installation of insulation, weather stripping, caulking and various other techniques used to “tighten” the building envelope.

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